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Defeating Winter Woes: How to Support Your Horse’s Mobility and Defeat Boredom

For those who don’t travel south in the winter, February and March can be a challenging time for riders and their horses. Chances are, both riders and horses alike are bored of the indoor arena, repetitive routine and cold weather. It’s during this time of year that we try to find ways to keep our […]

Canis familiaris and the Remnants of the Wolf Ancestry

Domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) and their human counterparts have shared a prosperous and emotionally meaningful co-existence for around 4,000 years (1). Our shared history coincides at a time when human communities revolved around agriculture and tended to stay sedentary. In this time, opportunistic grey wolves (Canis lupus) found a reliable food source in the vegetal […]

Mobility Tips for Winter Months

According to an article by The Horse, 60% of equine lameness is related to osteoarthritis. We’re all likely familiar with what osteoarthritis is, and how it affects our horse’s overall mobility and quality of life. However, what we often forget is that equine osteoarthritis can be alleviated and prevented with regular, non-strenuous movement. For example, […]

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