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TRI-ACTA H.A. for Equine


TRI-ACTA H.A. is designed to:

  • Eliminate inflammation and expedite the healing process
  • Increase viscosity of synovial fluid
  • Accelerate formation of cartilage
  • Enhance protective response of joint tissue
  • Improve mobility

Available in:

  • 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs) container (45 day supply for one horse)
  • 3 kilogram (6.6 lbs) container (136 day supply for one horse)

*Equine-specific molecular weight formulation. Not intended for use in other species.

For more information please contact Integricare.

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We recommend the TRI-ACTA H.A. formula for horses that are ageing, experiencing arthritis and stiffness, are in training and competition, or under a heavy workload. It is also an ideal solution to maximize effective training days and competitive outcomes.

Built off the success and science-driven formula of TRI-ACTA Regular Strength, our Maximum Strength formula provides your horse with the added support of a highly therapeutic, equine-specific hyaluronic acid.

TRI-ACTA H.A. contains the highest, all-active key ingredient formulation on the market. This formula uses two types of glucosamine for cartilage regeneration (glucosamine hydrochloride for bioavailability, and glucosamine sulfate to promote the formation of collagen). It also contains chondroitin sulphate – which works synergistically with glucosamine to prevent the breakdown of cartilage and MSM which is a powerful antioxidant and reduces inflammation. The inclusion of hyaluronic acid helps lubricate articulating joints, thereby minimizing friction and enhancing resistance to shock in weight-bearing joints. TRI-ACTA H.A. delivers unmatched quality, efficacy and therapeutic value.

Because the product is pure and concentrated, the servings are small and easy to administer. Our 22g daily serving of TRI-ACTA H.A. provides your competitive equine partner with the optimal therapeutic dose of key, all-active ingredients necessary to promote and maintain optimal joint health while mitigating joint degeneration.

Why is TRI-ACTA H.A. so effective?
  • 100% Active Ingredients – No Filler!
  • Ingredients backed by scientific research
  • Pure and natural forms of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and Hyaluronic Acid
  • Therapeutic dosages greater than any other equine joint supplements on the market
  • Two types of glucosamine for optimal bioavailability and collagen production
  • Pharmaceutical/human grade ingredients backed with Certificates of Analysis
  • Third-party batch tested, Health Canada approved, and designated as a Veterinary Health Product (VHP)
  • FEI, EC, AGCO, and IFHA compliant
  • No adverse side effects – no contraindications

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Weight1 kg

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11 reviews for TRI-ACTA H.A. for Equine

  1. Alana

    Absolutely love this product!!!
    I have a 17 year old Friesian/Quarter Horse with a very long back so he’s prone to being sore and stiff. I put him on the Tri-Acta and I noticed a huge change in him.
    We live in Northern Canada and just got hit with three weeks of temperature between -45-50. My poor boy was stuck in his stall, only being put in the arena a few times a day. I finally got to ride him for the first time the other day. He felt amazing, so smooth and loose; he’s the only horse in the barn that wasn’t stiff and sore.
    Thank you so much for this product. My boy will forever be on Tri-Acata and any future horse I have will be on it, no question!

  2. Mary

    I have a 13 year Cockapoo and a 12 year old Cockapoo. They have been using this product for over 6 months. Before they could no longer jump up on chairs and sofas. They had trouble walking because of injuries. Now they can easily jump up on furniture. They enjoy their long walks.

    • Integricare

      Hi Mary,

      Thanks very much for taking the time to share this. It’s great to hear both your seniors are jumping on the furniture again 🙂
      We appreciate your review.

      -The Integricare Team

  3. britney.hensman

    I have been using Triacta HA on my now 17 year old Thoroughbred for over 10 years. My gelding had water on his knee when he was younger, when I put him on Triacta HA, the water bump disappeared completely. After many years of using this supplement, I took him off to try a different intramuscular injection. Within a few days the water pocket reappeared. Right back on he went! I’ve been extremely happy with this product, I swear by it! At 17 years old, he still goes amazing, successfully eventing up to the Preliminary level.

    • Integricare

      Hi Britney,

      We are so happy to hear that it has helped your Thouroughbred. Thank yoo for taking the time to write a review. We appreciate it very much.

      -The Integricare Team

  4. jkclyde (verified owner)

    So your breed specific “molecular weight formula” is over a $100 cheaper for the same amount of the dog formulation? Yet one of your three reviews in the equine section is from a dog owner of two cockapoos. Hmm 🤔

    • Integricare

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your feedback. The Equine and canine products have the same ingredients and work in similar ways; however, they do use species-specific molecular weight components. Hyaluronic Acid, for example is naturally occurring in every cell of any mammals body. The HA in the pet product closely resembles the chemical structure of what a dog or cat would produce at a cellular level. This ensures optimal efficacy, absorption, and therapeutic value.

      It is possible to use the Equine formula for your dog. We do have several customers that choose this product for their dogs. Cost per serving would certainly be better with the 1kg Equine product and for large breeds or multi-pet households this may be a better option. The Equine product is safe to use for dogs and it would provide some benefit. However, it doesn’t not offer the same efficacy and absorption as the pet product. If your using the product more for prevention or for a mild to moderate mobility concern the Equine product may be appropriate for your dog. If you feel the mobility concern is more advanced, it may be more appropriate to use the pet product.

      I should note, that there is an option on website to receive a 15% discount when you purchase 3 units of the 300g pet product.

      I hope that helps!

      All the best to you and your dog.

  5. Amber

    This stuff is amazing! My 21 yr old Rocky Mountain has some arthritis starting and was very stiff. 10 days on this product and he is taking longer strides, doesn’t hesitate to canter , gates better , and is so much happier on trail rides!!

    • Integricare

      Hi Amber,

      That is great to hear! Thanks for taking the time to share the results you have seen. 🙂

  6. Jeff Brown

    The swelling in his hocks has greatly diminished and joint clicking has almost stopped. He seems comfortable and shows literally no signs of soreness. This is amazing as he has just undergone surgery to that hock. The hock swelling was not changing until we put him on Triacta HA and it came down by 1/3 or more by the time the loading dose was finished.

  7. Izzi

    I just wanted to thank you so much for making your supplements. My heart horse was always my good junior Hunter. I imported him in 2007 and he won an incredible amount- Jump Canada, Junior Medal, A Equitation, Junior Hunters- from Caledon, to the Royal, to Florida. He was sold to the states but I always followed his journey. After a ‘career ending’ suspensory injury and arthritis, I bought him back for a dollar. Thanks to some rehab and literally only your supplement, he was back last year doing what he loves- winning at Caledon.

    • Integricare (verified owner)

      Hi Izzi,

      This is such a nice story! It’s amazing to hear that you were reconnected with him and he is doing well after his injury. We are so happy to hear that TRI-ACTA has helped him. Thank you for taking the time to share this!!!

  8. Ally (verified owner)

    Great product!
    Noticeable improvement in my horses comfort in work, increased flexibility and better recovery after heavy training. All my horses eat Tri-Acta HA without hesitation. I have had problems with other companies joint supplements, my horses wouldn’t eat them or they made them crazy! Tri-Acta is a reliable palatable product. My veterinarian is also a fan, and I appreciate the quality and quantity of scientifically proven ingredients in this product.

    • Integricare (verified owner)

      Hi Ally,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share this. We appreciate it! Glad to hear your horses are doing well. 🙂

  9. Ashly (verified owner)

    I adore this product. Not only do I use it on my own personal pets, I also recommend it to others. As a Registered Veterinary Technician, I get asked ALL the time about which joint supplements I recommend. Hands down, Tri-acta is always my go-to choice. Not only is it safe, it works! The other nice thing is that it doesn’t interfere with other medications. Win/win!

    • Integricare (verified owner)

      Hi Ashley,

      Thanks for taking the time to write a review and share this. Your recommendations to others is very much appreciated. 🙂



    I was so happy to discover this product.I have adopted 51 rescue dogs over the years as many as 16 in my home at one time. It has been a labour of love for me but caused great sadness to watch as advancing years robbed my loves of their mobility and caused great pain. What a difference when they started on Tri Acta. Even the seriously affected ones regained both comfort and increased mobility. I now start them on Tri Acta BEFORE symptoms develop hoping to prevent the onset of arthritis and joint disease. So far it seems to be working. I love this product. Thank you

    • Integricare (verified owner)

      Wow, this is so nice to hear. Thank you for this labour of love. We are so happy TRI-ACTA has helped the dogs you have rescued over the years. And thanks for taking the time to share this. It is truly appreciated!

  11. Tammy Cornell (verified owner)

    Fabulous product. Use it one 2 horses and a border collie. They move much better since starting Tri Acta HA

    • Integricare (verified owner)

      Hi Tammy,

      Thanks very much for your review. We appreciate it. So glad to hear your horses and dog are doing well!


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Integricare uses only pure, pharmaceutical grade ingredients sourced in Canada. Each component selected in TRI-ACTA products has been clinically trialled in numerous scientific studies for their effectiveness for joint health and mobility.

Importantly, TRI-ACTA ingredients are formulated using species specific molecular weights. This means our formulas are developed to most closely resemble that of what the equine body produces naturally, making TRI-ACTA extremely bioavailable, therapeutic and effective. Additionally, with no fillers, synthetic additives or preservatives, TRI-ACTA products present no risk of adverse side effects or contraindications with medications. No fillers also means the servings are small, easy to administer, and provide value.

Glucosamine acts to repair cartilage by contributing the necessary building blocks to its formation. Glucosamine is necessary for the production of substance called glycosaminoglycans which combines with hyaluronic acid to create proteoglycans. Proteoglycans and collagen are the main components of cartilage.

  • Glucosamine hydrochloride: Glucosamine HCl is a highly bioavailable form of glucosamine. This means it is absorbs readily and is extremely efficient. This is attributed to the fact that it is naturally stable and does not require sodium chloride (an extra ion) to stabilize it. This means it is a slightly more pure form and effective in delivering glucosamine to the body.
  • Glucosamine sulfate: While providing additional support for cartilage repair within the joint matrix, glucosamine sulphate also contributes to the production of collagen within the body. Collagen is one of the three components that make up cartilage and is extremely important in joint health.

These properties help maintain stride length, mobility and overall performance while also supporting the joint capsule as it absorbs and dissipates shock and impact.

Chondroitin Sulphate
Chondroitin is also necessary for the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans. But more importantly it inhibits and neutralizes destructive enzymes in the joint. In doing this, chondroitin acts to prevent the breakdown of cartilage.

When injury or abnormal wear occurs, there is an increased presence of destructive enzymes and cartilage deterioration is accelerated. This increases the importance of supplementing to improve overall dietary completeness.

Studies show that supplementing glucosamine and chondroitin together enhance the efficacy of both components individually. This synergistic effect when pairing chondroitin with glucosamine provides the added benefit of further supporting, strengthening and repairing cartilage.

MSM is an organic sulfur-containing compound found naturally in plants and animals. It is a powerful antioxidant and provides whole-body pain and inflammatory relief.

Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid is present in every cell of the body. The molecular weight of hyaluronic acid in the equine body is specific to the equidae family of animals. It is important that oral supplementation closely resembles the molecular structure of what is produced at the cellular level.

Within the joint, hyaluronic acid works to increase the supply and viscosity of synovial fluid. A main precursor to joint degeneration and arthritis is a lack of synovial fluid to properly encapsulate and lubricate the joint. When the joint lacks proper lubrication, friction between cartilage and bone occurs, leading to pain, inflammation and decreased resistance to compressive forces. By supplementing daily with hyaluronic acid, the synovial fluid within the joint capsule is replenished. As a result, the joint structure remains lubricated promoting fluidity of movement and optimal performance.

Each 22 gram (22,000 mg) scoop contains:
(Glucosamine Sulfate 5,082 mg, Glucosamine HCL 5,082 mg)
10,164 mg
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)9,756 mg
Chondroitin Sulfate1,935 mg
Hyaluronic Acid145 mg


Recommended dosing:
Loading/Initial DoseMaintenance Dose
2 scoops daily for 10 days1 scoop daily

Using the measuring scoop provided, mix TRI-ACTA with the horse’s feed. For optimal results double the recommended daily maintenance level for 10 days. When desired improvement is noticeable, decrease dosage to the recommended maintenance level.

The time to achieve a positive response will vary depending on the severity of each condition. The initial dose may be continued until the desired response is achieved, and then reduced to the ongoing maintenance dose. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of TRI-ACTA, contact Integricare.