The Most Advanced Joint Health Supplement, Available Only Through Veterinarians

Pro-Acta offers your clients and their pets a proactive maintenance approach to staving off arthritis, stiffness, and diminished joint mobility. This supplement is formulated using the highest-quality ingredients that are 100% active and delivers unrivalled therapeutic value to your canine and feline patients.

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The Pro-Acta brand is not available through any over-the-counter channel. It can only be purchased through veterinarians like you, and we are excited to invite you to become a reseller of the most advanced joint supplement available for pets.

Recommend Pro-Acta with Confidence

We understand that your product recommendations are a direct reflection of the quality of care you provide. Having been on the market for over 15 years, the Pro-Acta formulation has a proven track record for safety and success. Moreover, this product is free of fillers and formulated using exact molecular weights, which means your clients get the active ingredients they need – nothing more or less.

No Fillers

The Pro-Acta formulation features 100% active ingredients. That means there is less bulk, which translates to savings for your clients and easier dosing for their pets.

Proven Quality & Safety

Pro-Acta has been granted the VHP (Veterinary Health Product) designation by Health Canada and is GMP certified, which speaks to the high quality and integrity of this product.

Highly Bioavailable

The unrivalled purity of Pro-Acta and specific molecular weight formula deliver superior bioavailability and therapeutic value to your patients.

Canadian-Made & Sourced

The ingredients found in Pro-Acta are obtained from Canadian sources only, and the product is formulated and manufactured right here in Canada.

Easy to Administer

Because Pro-Acta is free of bulky fillers, your clients and their pets can enjoy lower-volume effective therapeutic dose.


Pro-Acta is not available over the counter or online. It is purchased exclusively by veterinary resellers through veterinary buying groups.

Words From Vets & Customers

Amazing, amazing stuff. Thank you for the years of helping us to provide the best we can for proper development of some of Canada’s top Obedience dogs. Hundreds of people we have referred to you also agree with our prognosis of the changes this product can make to our beloved dogs. We are pleased to say that over the past 12 years we have received many OFA excellence and goods because of your help.

Appleridge German Shepherds

I have used TRI-ACTA and other Integricare joint products for almost three years now. I put my two year olds on as soon as we start with them. It is great preventative medicine for all the joint ailments any athlete could possibly develop.

Blair Burgess

Speak With a Representative to Become a Reseller

As a veterinary-exclusive product, Pro-Acta offers so much more than most joint supplements for pets. Pro-Acta is an opportunity for the veterinary community to establish more meaningful, hands-on relationships with the clients and pets they serve.

Become a reseller of Pro-Acta today, and begin offering your clients a new way to ensure sustained muscle and joint mobility for their pet’s overall quality of life.