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Therapeutic Solution

TRI-ACTA products offer a complimentary solution along with NSAIDs and other medications to assist in injury treatment and recovery. With no risk of contraindications with medications, TRI-ACTA and TRI-ACTA H.A. provide your horse with the therapeutic dose of active ingredients necessary for repairing joint function and integrity, while also offering a natural solution to relieving pain and inflammation. Horses on stall rest or that are returning to gradual work post-injury can experience accelerated healing, reduced pain and inflammation and prevention of injury recurrence by using TRI-ACTA products along with other veterinarian prescribed protocols. Ask your veterinarian today about how TRI-ACTA products can improve outcomes related to injury.


TRI-ACTA plays a vital role in maintaining optimal joint function and mobility in your equine partner. For long-term usage, TRI-ACTA products are an effective proactive solution to repair joint structures, reduce inflammation, maintain mobility and to minimize the risk of injury.

Equine Supplement for Sport Horse
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Equine Supplements for Sport Horse Injury Prevention

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Integricare is a proud sponsor of world-class competitors and trainers. Integricare also supports farms and stables that further the development and rehabilitation of horses and their riders.

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