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Arthritis is almost impossible to prevent in our mature and aged horses. Integricare products can provide a significant advantage for your ageing equine partner in extending their quality of life.

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Extending Quality of Life

As our horses age, it is common to observe stiffness and poor mobility resulting from joint degeneration. Moreover, these symptoms are frequently accompanied by significant pain and inflammation.

TRI-ACTA is designed to repair cartilage, prevent breakdown, and reduce pain and inflammation. This ensures that both the cause and the symptoms of degenerative joint conditions are actively addressed. Improve mobility and extend the quality of life in your equine partner.

TRI-ACTA delivers a therapeutic, natural alternative to maintaining mobility and alleviating arthritic symptoms. For these reasons, it is ideal in supporting your ageing pleasure or retired horse.

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Find the Integricare product for your pet or horse at your nearest retailer or vet. Improve the health and vitality of your pet today.