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Integricare is a proud sponsor of world-class competitors and trainers. Integricare also supports farms and stables that further the development and rehabilitation of horses and their riders.

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Equine Supplements for Racehorses

Sport Horse Injury Prevention

Reduce the risk of injury for your prized animal.

Equine Supplements for Sport horses

Sport Horse Performance

Integricare products provide a competitive edge by improving joint mobility and reducing inflammation to improve training outcomes.

Equine Supplements for Leisure horses

Leisure Horse Vitality

Arthritis is almost impossible to prevent in our ageing equine partners, but the Integricare products can provide a significant advantage for your ageing equine partner in extending the quality of life.

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Find the Integricare product for your pet or horse at your nearest retailer or vet. Improve the health and vitality of your pet today.

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