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Designed to provide a proactive approach to optimal equine health. Add Integricare products to your horse’s daily diet to prevent injury, promote joint function and improve performance.

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Gain a competitive edge and help your equine partner achieve improved emotional and physical performance. Reduce costly vet bills and lost training days due to soreness and injuries. Why are TRI-ACTA and TRI-ACTA H.A. so effective for sport, race, and leisure horses? Learn more about what makes these products so unique and which product is right for your horses.

Sport Horse Injury Prevention

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Leisure Horse Vitality

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Performance Related Care

To bring out the best in your sport or race horse, read more about the benefits to adding Integricare products to your horse’s daily diet.

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Learn more about the importance of glucosamine as part of your horse's daily diet and other resources such as scientific research.

Why Two Types of Glucosamine?

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How to Read a Supplement Label

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