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Words From Vets That Use PRO-ACTA

Last year we almost lost one of these horses to EPM and believe that with the help of your product, he was able to still have a racing career. We have also noticed with our 2 year old, a superior performance compared to ones in the past. For example: no heat in their legs, good knees and a sound back.

Margaret Squires

I thought you might be interested in hearing about a horse that I have recently started on Tri-Acta HA. This is an older horse belonging to a client of mine that has finished a successful show career. She is a little bit older now and this spring, as she seemed quite uncomfortable, my veterinarian suggested some joint injections. She received them and became noticeably better. After a few months she once more started to become a little stiff in her joints. As I have had great results with my jumpers on Tri-Acta HA I decided to start her on it. About one month later she became much looser in her stride and just generally more comfortable. I’m thrilled with the results of Tri-Acta HA with this older mare and certainly plan to keep her on it indefinitely.

This stuff really works

Nancy Wetmore

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