We feel strongly about the charities that we support and encourage you to check them out and get involved in any way you can.

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Our Charities

These are some of the charities that we support. These are great organizations that really make a difference in the lives they touch. We encourage you to visit their websites and get involved in any way you can.

LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society - Integricare Charity

LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society

The purpose of our organization pertains to the welfare of our thoroughbred racehorses when they are no longer able to compete. Our mission is to find them loving, adoptive homes and, perhaps, alternative careers, ensuring them the dignified and happy retirement they so richly deserve. In addition, we aim to educate our owners, trainers, breeders and the general public about the merits of this humane alternative.

Dog Rescuers Inc - Integricare Charity

The Dog Rescuers Inc.

The Dog Rescuers Inc is a non-profit organization based in Oakville, Ontario. We are run by a group of dedicated volunteers with a passion for rescuing and re-homing all breeds of dogs.

We love our dogs before we even meet them! We are a passionate group dedicated to helping these wonderful animals find the new loving home they deserve. We have 16 years of rescue experience to draw from. Not one of our volunteers is on payroll. We all cover our own expenses such as gas, long distance phone bills etc., as well as sacrificing time from our own lives, our own animals, friends and families because we all love what we do. Rescue does not run on business hours or just weekdays.

Chiefswood Stables After Care Program

Chiefswood stables is a family owned and operated thoroughbred racing farm. Our goal is to breed quality thoroughbred horses to compete in the classic races. It is our belief that the responsibility of care for our horses extends beyond the finish line of their last career race. It is with this belief that we have developed the Chiefswood After Care Program. ( CAP )

Our goal is to find loving lifelong adoptive homes for our horses. We do this by trying to match the right horse up with the appropriate adopter.

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